Yavari provides a complete resource for everything your pharmacy needs

Offering a huge inventory of Generic, OTC & Medical Supplies – WHOLESALE!

Yavari has surpassed many drug wholesalers due to their vast resources for optimizing pharmacy operations. Yavari delivers quality products while providing excellent service!

Pharmacy clients are building sustainable businesses in today's evolving healthcare industry.

Yavari abides by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DCSA).

Yavari provides product tracing to easily see a product’s origin.

Yavari LLC. is a world leading, licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler specializing in distributing FDA approved brand, generic and specialty pharmaceutical products to independent pharmacies.

Yavari is pharmacist-owned with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Competitive prices!   Quality products!   Excellent service!

Create an online account with us today and view our extensive catalog of pharmaceutical products as well as place and track your orders.

Yavari is a one-stop destination for your pharmaceutical needs!

Yavari LLC - 8530 NW 93rd St. Medley, FL 33166.

Phone: +1 (855) 360-3500    info@yavarimeds.com     https://www.facebook.com/YavariMeds/

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Yavari’s vast network has been established over 25 years and is positioned to provide quality medications at a low price.

Yavari offers a unique, field-tested process for exceptional customer service.

Yavari provides fast & easy ordering -- Orders can be placed via fax, phone, email, or online with 24-48 hour turnaround.

Yavari provides accurate & reliable distribution -- Convenience of tracking your orders online.

Yavari offers free Shipping -- Free shipping on all orders greater than $250.00 with the exception of specialty drugs and kits.

Monthly discounted prices on short date products!

Trust your pharmacy business to a proven resource. Yavari has the network, experience, and the foresight to put your pharmacy on a sustainable growth that has an inherent ability to put your ownership at “cruising altitude”! Enjoy your success sooner, with Yavari

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