Yavari cater to their client’s needs and always strives to deliver exceptional customer service.

Yavari 1.10.2022

Yavari utilizes over 60 years of industry experience to provide a full catalogue of Generic, OTC & Medical Supplies for the pharmacy industry. Learn more

  • Yavari has catapulted into the leader of the wholesale pharmacy industry. Yavari has worked its way to the top by exemplary customer service.
  • Yavari consistently delivers quality products through their vast, established network.
  • Yavari provides excellent options that assist their clients in establishing sustainable businesses in today's evolving healthcare industry.
  • Yavari specializes in distributing FDA approved brand, generic and specialty pharmaceutical products to independent pharmacies. Learn more

Yavari is a pharmacist-owned company with over 60 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, providing excellent strategies and vision for their clients that are time tested and proven to be sustainable.

 Yavari provides competitive prices and encourages all clients to utilize their state of the art order tracking service. Create an online account with Yavari today.

Yavari has a reputation for sustaining inventory and is a reliable resource for your generic needs.

Product Tracing provides confidence through tracing a product’s origin.

Yavari abides by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

  • Yavari can help your facility reach a higher level of profitability, transforming your system with proven strategies and technologies.

Yavari - 8530 NW 93rd St Medley, FL 33166.

Phone: +1 (855) 360-3500 / info@yavarimeds.com

  • Yavari serves retail, small-chain, and long-term-care pharmacies.
  • Yavari offers competitive prices, extensive product access, easy ordering, and a secure supply chain.

Have you heard the latest? Find current updates on all industry news through Yavari!

  • Competitive Pricing – Yavari has an extensive network of partners, providing you with quality medications at a low price.
  • Excellent, Customer Focused Approach - Yavari cater to their client’s needs and always strives to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Fast & Easy Ordering - Orders can be placed via fax, phone, email, or online with 24-48 hour turnaround.
  • Accurate & Reliable Distribution – Yavari provides an updated online tracking system
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